Lecturee: use.learn.share


Lecture @ use.learn.share

Upon the invitation of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Vanessa Miriam Carlow is invited to give a lecture at the international conference “use.learn.share,” where she will talk about the sustainable and inclusive urban development alongside other experts in the field.  » More…

ISU at Tbilisi Architecture Biennial


The Institute for Sustainable Urbanism had the pleasure to participate in the first Architecture Biennial in Tbilisi, Georgia “Buildings are not enough”, together with Ilia State University, as part of an ongoing partnership.
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teaser OPENcity

Openness is a central topic in recent societal debates regarding belonging, safety and resource distribution. Findings derived form multifaceted disciplines inform the meaning of openness for the development of the cities of tomorrow. Openness then becomes a characteristic of cities which acts against tendencies towards closure and totalitarianism.  » More…