The Eifel is still badly affected by the storms, flash floods and floods during the summer months. Architecture students and staff from the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism ISU and the Institute for Building Climatology and Energy of Architecture (IBEA) are also helping. They are supporting the Brandenburg aid campaign „Potsdam helps the Eifel“.

Since the beginning of this week, the first group of students has been in the Eifel together with academic staff to get to work straight away. The focus is on the house of Christina from Kreuzberg on the Ahr. She lives with her sons in a half-timbered house in which the water was four metres high. The clay infills have been destroyed or washed out by the floods, and the house is currently no longer habitable. It must therefore be completely renovated, including its extension.

Since such a project cannot be managed alone, Christina approached Sebastian Frenkel, who started the relief action “Potsdam helps the Eifel”. More than 300,000 euros have already been collected through this, including in the form of technical equipment for drainage and donations in kind, such as generators, tools and building materials. In addition, a growing suport network with various activists and companies has been established in this way.

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Under the guidance of clay building expert David Moritz (far right), students from the ISU and IBEA institutes at TU Braunschweig recorded the damage to the half-timbered house on site and took measurements. Picture credits: David Moritz/TU Braunschweig.