22/06/18 | 15.00-18.30 | Lectures + Discussions @ Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Klosterstraße 50, Berlin | Keynote: Renate Künast

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Miriam Carlow participates in the panel: “How to develop hybrid urban typologies merging nature with the city?”

Green spaces are essential for the quality of life, wellbeing, and health of urban populations.Today, the focus on and interest in green urban spaces is increasing thanks to initiatives working toward Healthy Cities, environmental justice, food security, and strengthening local communities.

Current issues such as climate change, the rapid loss of biodiversity, and accelerating ecological concerns urge us to reconsider our relation to nature. Facing the challenges of the Urban Age, we rethink the juxtaposition of nature versus artifact by integrating plant material in our architectural surroundings, merging nature with the built environment.

This urgency to incorporate nature in urban settings creates a huge potential for innovation in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism. In the convergence of architecture and nature, new hybrid urban typologies and architectural solutions emerge. Know-how is quickly developing, and technologies—for example, in urban agricultural production—are rapidly evolving.

More information: Embassy Lab GRÜNtopia