This semester the seminar FUTURE Revisited, as part of an on-going cooperation between Ilia State University, Tbilisi and the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism, TU Braunschweig, concentrates on large-scale housing typologies, regarding German and Georgian urban planning models and architectural concepts.

Students from both universities were asked to analyze developments of the post-war era from different political systems and geographical contexts, by means of documenting concrete examples in Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and Tbilisi.

A comparing exploration that allows the students to classify and extend their catalogue of urban types. In the context of the seminar Students from both universities came together in a one-week collaborative workshop – the “Winterschool” that took place from November 13th – 18th. The students exchanged their research results, studied similarities and substantial differences in urban and architectural typologies and developed their own contemporary urban visions for future urban development. During The Winterschool the international group visited Wolfsburg and Berlin.
In Wolfsburg students had the opportunity to visit the built example of Detmerode, while in Berlin, among others, the Unité d´Habitation from Le Corbusier and the recent co-housing project Spreefeld.

The projects will be further developed and exchanged during the next weeks and will be exhibited on an online platform. In Summer 2018 The ISU is planning a return visit in Tbilisi.

We would like to thank for their time and great input

• Larisa Tsvetkova from id22: Institute for Creative Sustainability
• Mrs Nicole Froberg from Wolfsburg City Forum Architektur
• Mrs Elvira Muenster from Association Corbusierhaus Berlin e.V.
• Tinatin Gurgenidze PhD Researcher at the Technical University of Berlin, Faculty of Architecture

The joint project is funded by the ERASMUS+ program, the program „Willkommen in Niedersachsen – WIN“ and by the ILIA State University Tbilisi.

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