teach4TU_Eye-Tracking_1000pxThe interdisciplinary project iSCOR – interdisciplinary Studio for Communicational and Observational Research is funded by the BMBF program teach4TU at the TU Braunschweig. The  Institute for Sustainable Urbanism in cooperation with the Institute for Psychology – Department of Industrial/Organizational and Social Psychology establishes a new research and teaching platform for spatial perception research, based on ISU’s research project EYE TRACKING SPATIAL EXPERIENCES.

„EYE TRACKING SPATIAL EXPERIENCES seeks to develop new approaches to urban analytics and design processes by integrating conceptual modeling and simulation methods as well as innovative forms of data aggregation (e.g. eye-tracking or big data analytics). In a multi-disciplinary approach the ISU researches on topics such as the use of urban spaces or the identification of new design parameters. These findings are incorporated into new digital methods and instruments of an integral, multiscale and participatory design and planning practice such as an interactive urban scenario platform.

EYE TRACKING SPATIAL EXPERIENCES develops a scientific, quantitative approach to the study of how people – which can be argued are the primary organizers or producers of space in the urban realm – move through, perceive, and understand urban space. Eye tracking technology  introduces a new possibility along the tradition of verbal exercises and interviews with people, with subject-centric and temporal aspects to the narrative of procession through space. Combining these researches with other data like virtual 3D models and methods of other disciplines the project intends to get a new understanding of the built environment in precisely understanding individuals’ perception and movements. The main goal of the research is to identify patterns of perception and the impact of specific architectural elements, urban form and settings to derive new rule sets and parameters for design. The incorporation of user-generated data gained by new technologies into the design process establishes a new approach to co-design.

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