The Master Thesis „Trilogie für Dortmund“ in the Winter Semester 2021/2022 is a master design studio that offers the students the possibility to participate in the urban design competition ‘Schlaun-Wettbewerb’.

How could we transform the industrial city into a hub underpinning sustainable mobility, new lifestyles and working models, innovative concepts for the private, the public and the in-between? Dortmund, the biggest city in the Ruhr Valley has recently gone through changes, developing from the “steel city” into a cosmopolitan center. In ‘Trilogy for Dortmund’ we would like to discover strategies for sustainable mixed used living where the students can propose new concepts for three strategic areas: Hafen, Klönne and Großmarkt. We are looking for spatial ideas that enhance the values of livability and open city, underpin spatially existing potentials and new mobility concepts.
During the course of the studio we give the students the unique opportunity to deepen their skills and knowledge in urban design. Additionally they can prepare their project to be part of the competition together with other students and young professionals.

For more info, go to Schlaun-Wettbewerb:

Photo copyright of Lemon Pepper Pictures under Unsplash license