Reinhold Schmeling´s conference

Internationale Konferenz, 30. Oktober 2014 in Riga
Mathias Madaus speaks about ISU´s Masterthesis „68 PERCENT – Perestroika of a Microrayon“ at the Reinhold Schmeling´s conference in Riga.

The conference discucces ways to efficiently and rationally rehabilitate Riga´s apartment buildings and the Soviet era neighbourhoods. Significant challenges in Riga currently are and in the future will be the Soviet era apartment buildings and neighbourhoods, which inhabited by more than 85% of the city´s population. If the current maintenance´s practice and experience will continue on the same manor, it will lead to larger financial, social and economic loss. The solution of the problematic issues of these neighbourhoods is in understanding the structure and the shape of them through social and economic context. Currently, in Latvia, there do not exist design and management
instruments, which would solve challenges described above, and which would adopt to the constant changes created by population´s mobility, new working traditions and globalisation.
Architect´s creativity can propose solutions, which is not possible in empirical science. Creative craft-works and art can add new value and quality. There is a need to find differences in various levels and systems, scales and modalities.

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