The ISU delegates, Carolin Brüggebusch, Maycon Sedrez and Olaf Mumm, have been invited and granted a scholarship for participating in UNLEASH 2018 in Singapore.

UNLEASH is a global innovation lab that brings together people from all over the world to transform insights into hundreds of ideas, and build lasting global networks around the Sustainable Development Goals. A thousand young professionals from more than 130 countries with the vision and drive required to disrupt conventional solutions and create a better and more sustainable world came together to create real, scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals in Singapore.

Image_01 ISU´s delegates between the SDGs 7, 11, 12 and 13 (ISU, 2018)

The ISU delegates, Carolin Brüggebusch, Maycon Sedrez and Olaf Mumm, have been invited and granted a scholarship for participating in UNLEASH 2018. They joined the ´Sustainable Cities and Communities´ and ´Responsible Supply Chain and Production´ discussion groups, working on affordable housing, consumption and innovative solutions for mitigating effects of climate change.

KIM: Keep it minimal | Carolin together with her partners Cai Lin (Singapore), Akyeamaa Akyeampong (UK), Kyriacos Koupparis (Thailand) and Zane Valujeva (Latvia) worked on a digital platform for connecting conscious consumers with producers aiming the creation of sustainable products.

Team_Caro Carolin and her team presenting the solution in the Market Place (ISU, 2018)

Something on Wheels | Maycon and his partners Yuiko Inoue (Japan), Raluca Fernea (Romenia) and Kwame Appiah-Kubi (Ghana) developed an educational solution for Accra to support young people to build their own houses using the large amount of available recycling materials. A mobile unity brings the technology for recycling, the tools, and experts to assist a community to produce construction materials and building parts. The aim of the project is to create conscious about the environment, the importance of recycling and provide knowledge for construction.

Team_Maycon Maycon and his team preparing for pitching the solution for experts (ISU, 2018)

(S)OS: SAFE OPEN SPACES | Olaf identified with Joe Cheng (Hongkong), Lahiru Elvitigala (Sri Lanka), Naoto Kabe (Japan) and Melvin Ohng (Malaysia) three fundamental foundations in enhancing safety and communal interaction in dense underprivileged regions opposed to the immediate effects of climate change: Inform, Transform, Alarm+Rescue. The open data platform ITAR provides, analyses and generates relevant intelligence built upon which a multitude of applications and strategies can be developed putting human-centric data in its very centre. (S)OS is a community-based approach joining in an innovative approach data, urban design and community perspective to create safe and sustainable communities.

Team_Olaf Olaf and his team discussing the Safe Open Spaces solution (ISU, 2018)

Unleash uses a facilitation tool for innovation, which in very fast steps lead the teams to draft a solution, implementation plan and presentation. The event was an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively, network with experts, and discover groundbreaking ideas for the world challenges. Unleash becomes a platform for innovators and funding agencies to create business models and implement the projects – the catalogue of solutions will be available soon.

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