The Smart Mobility Symposium invited the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism ISU to speak about Mobility for people. Olaf Mumm will give insights in how digital urbanism unlocks human-centric perspectives to develop holistic methods and strategies for more sustainable development on 26th February 2020 in Bielefeld.

„Air pollution, increasing traffic congestion and scarcity of urban space are the main drivers for more efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility solutions in our cities. Thus, we are constantly driving the development towards cleaner and smarter mobility to make urban life more liveable and less strenuous. Hear the latest updates from those driving the future for a cleaner and smarter mobility in our cities throughout different formats including short expert lectures, panel discussions, workshops and informal exchanges.

The Smart Mobility Symposium is co-organised by the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), the Department for International Trade (DIT) and BABLE.  The event brings together professionals from the public and private sector as well as research institutions, developers and financing institutions from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Participants have a specific interest in the opportunities of Smart Mobility, are keen on engaging internationally and see potential in cross-national cooperation in the Smart Mobility sector. We’d like to spark cooperation in the field of Smart Mobility, foster collaboration and drive action.

The event will be taking place in the City of Bielefeld (as we are certain it exists) that follows an ambitious plan to restructure public space and mobility in its city core.“

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