Students Svea Schumacher and Sofie Eichler have received an honorable mention in the Trilogie für Dortmund urban design competition for the Master Entwurf project „Railscape Dortmund Connecting Industry and Culture“ they developed at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism.

The students proposed a design which integrates the existing industrial buildings, containers, trains and rails to preserve the character of the port. The rail structure found in the port is decisive for the structure of the design. Green spaces and trees have grown on the rails that are no longer used. Based on these structures, the “Railscape” develops: a network of footpaths and cycle paths, accompanied by green and open spaces and connects different neighborhoods with each other. The industrial halls along the route network are redirected through cultural and community uses and become catalysts for the development of the neighborhood. In interaction with the newly added buildings, they form special district meeting points.

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20220224 Wettbewerbslayout FINAL Seite 2 150ppi

20220224 Wettbewerbslayout FINAL Seite 3 150ppi

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