As part of our Master Entwurf and Bachelor Thesis studios Urban Lab Weststadt, the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism (ISU) is pleased to invite you to a lecture on
Large Housing Estates: A Place to Call Home
Prof. Dr. Virág Molnár
Associate Professor of Sociology at the New School for Social Research, New York
20.05.2021 | 15:30- 16:30

Large Housing Estates: A Place to Call Home

Understanding large housing estates as “home” requires a bottom-up approach that explores them from the natives’, i.e., the residents’ point of view. The first step towards appreciating large housing estates as places involves treating them as singular and unique rather than simply individual exemplars of the same generic housing type. Each estate is a historically specific configuration and needs to be understood in its distinct social, cultural and urban context. The shift of perspective from a top-down to a bottom-up view also helps to shed some critical light on the role of architects, urban planners, sociologists, and policy makers. Paying more attention to the “native’s point of view” through ethnographic approaches, oral history and storytelling can provide a much needed corrective to the largely totalizing gaze through which these estates are still viewed. The examples surveyed in the presentation highlight key structural conditions and some small-scale interventions that have influenced a sense of home in large prefabricated housing estates.


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