On July 11th Master Students presented the results of their research on Urban Transformations as innovative and sustainable urban design proposals for the neighborhood Barra Funda in São Paulo (Brazil).

Urban Transformation: São Paulo

The urban design studio Urban Transformation: São Paulo (UTSP) focus on the challenges of rapid urbanization and changes of a megalopolis. The city of São Paulo is currently seeking for sustainable approaches for the urban renewal of Barra Funda, which is a post-industrial neighborhood well served with infrastructure and location of an urban operation. On July 11th seventeen Master Students presented innovative and sustainable urban design projects based on extensive research looking at specific problems of the city such as flooding, social housing, social inclusion, accessibility, public transportation and culture.

UTSP was an international Urban Design Studio – combining an excursion to Brazil, short workshops and external guest critics, the diverse inputs from experts allowed the students to better understand the site, and a close collaboration with Dr. Gabriela Celani and Dr. Evandro Monteiro our partners of the University of Campinas.


SkyHive. Project by: Tjark Gall and Patrick Naumann, 2017.



Re-Source-Ful. Project by: Nina Prochowski, Jelena Neumann, Liesa Slebos, 2017



Post event city. Project by: Monika Dauksaite and Laura Kursvietyte, 2017.


Guest Critics

Sarah Hartmann

Lars Bölling


Presentation of the Project Passarela Ativa by Mona Ehlers, Bianka Golla and Laura Schneider, Credits: ISU, 2017.


Exhibition: Discover Urban Brazil

The students exhibit their drawings and pictures of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the exhibition stadt_sehen at shrill – a student initiative, supported by ISU, to activate the city of Braunschweig with discussions about architecture and urban design (see also: schrill.eu ).


Hand-drawings of São Paulo’s architecture. Credits: UTSP Urban Design Studio, ISU, 2017.



Participants of the UTPS Urban Design Studio at the exhibition in front of schrill. Credits: ISU, 2017.